• GRILLZ … The Most Sought-After Fashion Accessory That You Need Right Now

    How grillz became so popular in hip hop culture

    Customized Gold Teeth Grillz with Fangs

    When you think of the top Hip Hop stars, you think of bling and style that just exudes fame and fortune, and the blingest accessory of them all are Grillz! With the original Grillz enthusiasts being the likes of Flavor Flav and Nelly, both who can be seen flashing their Grillz all up in your face on celebrity TV and their latest music videos it's no wonder everyone wants a piece of that Hollywood bling action. The trend very much started with the Hip-hop industry but that's definitely not where it's staying, especially with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber helping the trend along. Now anyone can wear full on bling Grillz and look like the hippest and coolest of superstars!


    Hip Hop jewelry is a unique style that's bold, and full on bling-bling action! Everything from big, heavy, gold chains with medallions, chunky gold rings, and watches, and even blinged up mobile phones, the look is distinctive and designed to emulate wealth and prestige. Where other countries and cultures might see this to be lacking in taste, this is far from the case in America.

    Birdman and Lil Wayne wearing diamond grillz
  • History

    Gold teeth have undoubtedly become an art form

    Gold and Silver Teeth Grillz Iced Out with Diamonds

    Grills have continually been a staple in hip-hop culture. Beyond simply being a fashion statement using metals as fillings for teeth has gone. It was the filthy South's takeover of the early 2000s (a smile on the stone!) Now we have got grills for rappers (and folks attempting to look like rappers, too).

    Gold Teeth Grillz on ASAP Rocky

    Grills became such a dominant part of hip hop culture because, together with rings and chains, they were a strategy to maintain money without holding cash on you. This type of jewelry is a portrayal of who you are, what you do and also an investment, and where you come from. The item that is formerly niche has become worn and commonplace by celebs in all shapes and sizes. Grills have undoubtedly become an art form.

  • Grillz And Respect To Hip Hop

    Grillz are now a common staple in hip hop culture

    Jay Z wearing Gold Grillz back in the day

    Giving respect where it's due, the history of Hip-Hop is where the phrase "bling bling", all began.  Most recently with the legendary Jay-Z picking up on the phrase first used by Dana Dane in 1987, in her top-charting album "Dana Dane with Fame" and the top 20 single "Nightmares", the phrase Bling-bling became synonymous with Hip-hop style and celebrity status.  The phrase is no longer exclusive to the Hip-hop scene and is now used across the globe and is a multi-cultural expression also used in Latin and European music. Almost everywhere the phrase has the same meaning however in France it's definitely not considered a complimentary phrase to describe someone as "Blinged up" or "bling bling", there the cultural differences mean that it is someone wealthy flaunting their wealth in an ill-considered manner, or just having unfortunate taste in style… sounds a bit like some jealousy going on there, maybe!


    Straight Outta Compton NWA Group

    In 2015 the release of the box-office busting "Straight Outta Compton" with its all-star cast of Rap and Hip Hop stars, recounted the rise and fall of the Compton, California Hip-hop group, NWA.  Starring Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Easy E, MC Ren and DJ Yella, this movie took the US Hip hop story to the masses. Dr, Dre released an album inspired from the Movie and it debuted at number two in the US Billboard 200 charts in 2015. The success of the movie and the music album was put down to the fact that so many people were able to relate to the oppression and the music was a way of lashing out, and expressing anger and fury against the authorities. 

    Soulja Boy wearing Gold Diamond Cut Silver Grillz

    The success of Rap music continued and grew with popularity, the likes of Wu Tang, Jay-Z, Soulja Boy, Lil' Wayne, etc. became the new icons of Hip- hop and the low slung, loose fitting jeans, along with over sized hoodies were as much a part of the distinctive Hip-Hop look, as the heavy gold jewelry and of course sporting a full set of bling-bling grills.

  • The Ultimate Dental Jewelry Accessory In Hip-Hop

    A must for every Hip Hop fans

    Grills are the ultimate dental jewelry accessory if you are a Rap fan, and let's face it it's impossible to be a rap fan and not be familiar with glitzy gleaming Grills. The celebrity Rap stars on both TV, and the Internet and the explosion of selfies mean that you can see exactly which Grills your favorite celeb is sporting almost any time of the night or day.

    Going by the name of Grills, Grillz, Covers, Caps or Braces this fashion accessory didn't become hugely popular until the mid-2000s, however, they have been around since the 1980's.  Given the trend for celebrities to wear these gleaming Grills, including those who are not Rap stars, the likes of Marilyn Manson, Madonna, Rihanna and even Beyoncé, you can expect that will be around for a long time to come. 

    Iced Out Diamond Grillz or Gold Teeth Sets

    Choosing the look of your Grill can be a difficult choice, with a huge selection of material, colors and some amazing sparkling stones to add to your Grill, it really comes down to what you want, and how much you can afford to pay.


    • Gold (10K, 14K or 24K)

    • Silver

    • Platinum

    • Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires or any other precious stones


    Making your selection from the list above and having your custom made teeth cap to your specification is limited only to your budget. Gold can be tinted to the exact color hue you are looking for and the selection of precious stones to perfect your perfect grills smile means that you can have a totally original, unique set of grillz. How big is your budget and how big is that smile?



  • What's Your Type and How to Choose your Style?

    Kanye's Gold Grill

    Are Teeth Grillz Permanent?

    Teeth grills are made of many types of metals (often from gold, silver, or platinum) and are generally removable. However, some may opt to have permanently grills that attach to the teeth. Its usually up to the buyer whether they want to go with removable caps or have permanent grillz replacing their natural teeth.

    Open Face Gold Grillz

    Investing in a set of Grillz is a big spend and there are a few things you should consider before you put your money where your mouth is …


    Grillz Types

    • Permanent
    • Instant
    • Custom
    Lil Wayne Permanent Diamond Platinum Teeth Grillz


    These are the ultimate in commitment to having a pimped up mouth full of bling and also usually have a matching price tag. Custom molds and bespoke design make these the highest end of the price range and is generally only seen on the coolest rappers. The advantage of this particular piece of dental teeth covers means you lose them and given the price tag, that is probably a very good thing!

    Niv's Bling Instant Grillz


    One of the more common, but still on point with bling and dazzle are the instant Grills(z). These are moldable dental covers which, once molded to your teeth are instantly wearable, and removable.  The choice of precious metals is somewhat limited and much less customizable but they are a great choice if you still want to attract attention and deck out your teeth with a glitzy smile.

    Iced Out Grillz in Gold and Silver


    Custom mold Grills could be the solution for you when you are looking for something with a better fit and a bit more choice. These Grills are a crossover between the Instant and permanent solutions, in that you purchase a molding kit (like the Instant kind) and mold it to your teeth, you then send it back to the dealer who will manufacture your custom built Grills and send it back to you ready to wear. The advantage of this option is that you get the benefit of a great fit, and these usually stay in place much better than the instant grills, and you can customize the finish to get the look you want. The disadvantage, of course, is that it takes time to mail the Grillz back and fore and the extra waiting time for the molding process and fully customized build.

  • What's the Cost of a Gold Tooth?

    Since gold caps are just shells, it won't cost as much as a having a permanent gold tooth. Based on the karat of gold that being used, a gold tooth crown or cap can cost anywhere from $100 to $500. Anything else you want to add onto the tooth can cost extra.


    For a full grillz set, if money is no object, then you can join the likes of Paul Wall, Snoop Dog, and Beyoncé, all of whom are reported to have paid tens of thousands of dollars for their Grills… with the most expensive 24K gold Grillz and encrusted in over 160 genuine diamonds reportedly costing a jaw-dropping, totally staggering $152,700!!!


    We can appreciate that is probably not for everyone and the range of much cheaper options means everyone can get in on the Grills action with some good quality but affordable dental caps. There is a massive range of affordable alternatives that mean you ain't gotta shell out your green, to make that flash bling bling. Check out some of the reviews we have covered for you to help you find caps that suit your pocket, give you that perfect blinged out, street style.



  • Perfecting The Look

    ASAP Rocky Gold Grills

    Getting the look right without looking like a Hip Hop superstar wannabe means thinking about where you want to be seen wearing your Grillz… it ain't cool to be buying milk at the 7/11 with a swanked-out smile... it just don't look gangsta!


    Just in case you need a few tips, here's the best places to keep your street cred and keep your Grillz for wearing;


    • In da Club – this is the ultimate place to be with your Grillz
    • Chilling with your Home girls
    • Hip Hop Concert time, time to bring out your bling
    • Hanging with the homies – time to see what the competition is like… do you win the most bling?
    • When you want to be noticed!

    Don't be wearing them Grillz when you go to a job interview or if you're visiting your grandma! Unless you are auditioning for a movie or a Hip Hop video, chances are your potential new boss ain't gonna wanna see them Grillz, no matter how good you think you look and your grandma will probably just kick your behind, or slap you upside the head!


    Getting the look right is about the whole look from top to toe, not just a pretty mouth! Grillz look best when worn with the right clothing, no suits please, we want casual as they come and sunglasses are mandatory!

    Grillz as Hip Hop Accessories

    Here's the low down on what you need to get the look right:

    • Sunglasses – designer of course!
    • Gold chain – heavy links, optional medallion
    • Rings – Gold, sovereign, or full on diamond encrusted
    • Flashy watch – genuine or not it'll make the cut
    • Jeans or shorts – low slung, loose and hanging
    • Hoody – loose, casual and emblazoned with a top brand or design
    • Shirt – taking it up a notch and looking sleek
    • Trainers – Let your trainers do the talking, Nike's, Adidas, you know the drill

    Pulling the look together means you'll be confident in your swagger amongst the ladies. Keep your look clean, your clothes sharp and your Grillz glistening!

  • Dental Putty Mold Kits

    The most common way to get your molds right is to visit your local dentist, ask them to make molds and when there ready send them off to the manufacturer of your Grills. This means great fitting Grillz that are ready to wear and fit perfectly.

    If you want to go with a home molding kit, there are plenty of kits to choose from and almost all of them use get the perfect imprint of your teeth. Again this needs to be sent back to the manufacturer, to get your custom fit Grillz. The process shouldn't take more than one to two weeks and then you'll have your brand new bling ready to wear.

    In our opinion, the best way to go is with the instant caps but if you're looking for a custom fit, and custom design then you should select the company that offers that service.

  • Taking your Impression for Molds

    Mold Kit Putty For Custom Grillz

    If you've ever had molds done at the dentist, then you'll already be familiar with the process if not then read on for out guide on how to get the best molds of your teeth.

    Mold Kit Putty Molding For Custom Grillz

    In the supplied kits you'll have impression powder and a mixing cup or container, gum trays. You'll need some cold water (to stop the powder setting too quickly), and when you mix the powder with the water, you are looking for a bubblegum type consistency.

    Mold Kit Impression Tray For Custom Grillz

    When you have the mix right, scoop it into the gum tray. Holding your lip out of the way, gently maneuver the gum try to line up with the teeth you want to take the mold of. Next, push the tray firmly up against the teeth and hold it steady for three or four minutes.  Gently remove the gum tray, so as not to disturb the impression, and inspect it to ensure you have a good clean mold of your teeth. Repeat the process for the second impression (if required). Safely package the molds and return to the manufacturer for processing.

  • Summing it Up

    The explosion in dental jewelry prompted by the likes of Nelly, Snoop Dog, and other celebrity rappers means that everyone wants a piece of the bling bling action.

    It is always a good idea to buy the best you can afford, make an investment in your Grillz and don't be tempted to buy cheap. As is too commonly the case, poorer, inferior goods have the potential to damage your teeth and gums permanently as they may contain Nickel, which is very harmful, and a common allergen. Spend wisely and get a quality product that, with the right care will provide you with many years of satisfaction.

    You can replicate the style of these superstars, just make sure you do your research to find the right product to match your budget, and it'll be a great investment that will have everyone talking about your Grillz for years to come.